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About Bhakti Bricks :

With Bhakti Bricks, you will always find a choice to suit your needs from amongst our wide range of products both solid and hollow bricks and cladding patterns. At Bhakti bricks, constant efforts in research and development is an essential practice to achieve a standard that meets and keeps abreast of the changing market demands and requirement.All raw materials are procured from the local markets with statuatory licences and then decomposed to enhance their electricity and make it lime free.. All products are produced under good supervision and maintaining the proper quality control. .

Business Details:

We are manufacturer all kinds Of blocks & bricks like Cladding Bricks, Wire Cut Bricks, Wall Tiles, Fire Bricks, Hollow Bricks, Stone Cladding, Ceiling Bricks, Perforated Clay Bricks in India .

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