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About Acmas Technocracy Private Limited :

With over a decade of industry experience in manufacturing Weiber range of scientific laboratory equipments, we have established ourselves with the name of Acmas Technocracy (P) Ltd. to provide highest quality equipments for various applications. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know how of modern techniques, through our partners worldwide. We have a technology transfer agreement with Weiber Consultancy GMBH Germany, a renowned technical consultancy company, to aid the product designing and development of our indigenous products and to help us provide International quality products at economical prices. We have successfully catered the needs of above 600 institutions in India and exported our products to more than 42 countries, besides serving more than 1500 customers in corporate and private sector. The dedicated and cumulative efforts of Acmas team members has produced and delivered the comprehensive range of scientific instruments and l .

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Weiber's air particle counter is ideal equipment that is able to detect tiny air particles. Our equipment measures particles of size 0.3 onwards, that are present in air. It is suitable for measurement of air borne particle concentration in normal and contaminated outdoor environments; controlled environments and clean rooms; and normal and polluted indoor environments. The product is widely used in electronics, optics, chemistry, food, cosmetic, medical science, biological products, aviation, and so on. Moreover the hand held air particle counter is good for troubleshooting and verification and is useful in ultra-clean environments with its single particle measurement ability as well as indoor air quality applications. Contamination is any kind of foreign substance that can have a deteriorating effect on the results desired. Though the air in the indoors of an office space or residence may appear to be clean or at healthy level, but the very same environment indoors are consid .

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