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C–906, Titanium Square,Thaltej Cross Road,Thaltej, Ahmedabad - 380054

About Kalyya Farms :

Kalyya Farm is a manifestation of promoting a healthy lifestyle and love for nature. Due to commercialization of products which we consume, there is always a chance of us ending up suffering. In the process, we have lost our connection with nature and forgot the meaning of purity. A divine being, human has now transformed into a machine consuming anything and everything to keep it running while health is being compromised on daily basis. Kalyya Farms is established with a sole aim to serve society with all natural products consumed on daily basis. Our expertise lies in production process so as to keep the nature alive while it enters and meet our soul. .

Business Details:

Gir cow milk in Ahmedabad, Gir cow ghee in Ahmedabad, Kalyya Farms .

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